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About Miniature Horses
Miniature Horses were found in Europe in the 1700's as pets for royalty. They were ultimately imported to the United States and first used to pull cars through coal mines. In the early 1900's people began to breed Miniature Horses and since that time interest in them has grown significantly. Today they are bred and enjoyed extensively in the United States and they have been introduced in many other parts of the world. 

About Miniature Horses
Miniature Horses can be enjoyed by all ages - from the elderly to the very young. They make wonderful pets and companions, as well as show animals. Those who don't have the physical ability to handle a full sized horse or the room to maintain them, will find that the Miniature Horse will fit every need. They come in many sizes - up to 38" - and in every style and color.

As with people - each Miniature has a different personality, but in general they have great dispositions. They are curious, smart and quick to learn - they love to please you! 

Miniatures Horses are often taken to convalescent and nursing homes, schools, parades and county fairs. Miniature Horse shows offer competitive classes in halter, cart driving, jumping & hunter, obstacle (trail), obstacle driving, costume and liberty (a  run free class). 

Most shows include classes for youth and amateur exhibitors as well as those open to all competitors - some also have classes for seniors and physically challenged individuals. 
Miniature horses are naturals in the sport of Combined Driving. These events, which often take place over several days, are comprised of three sections. Driven dressage is the execution of compulsory figures and gaits. Cross-Country Marathon tests the fitness and obedience of horses, and judgment and capability of drivers over distance and with a special obstacle section. The Cones section involves navigating a pattern of narrowly-spaced pairs of cones cleanly and within the time allowed. Horses and their people agree that Combined Driving Events are "a blast!"
The housing and care requirements of a Miniature Horse are basically the same as those of a full sized horse.

They need shelter, fresh water, good quality hay and grain, regular worming and hoof trimming, annual vaccinations as well as physical examinations by a veterinarian for care of teeth and overall health.

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