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Become An Evergreen Miniature Horse Club Sponsor
Sponsorships are what make our shows possible. 
Becoming an Evergreen Miniature Horse Club Sponsor is easy.  Simply print out and complete the form on the right and mail it in as directed with your desired sponsorship amount. 

Evergreen Miniature Horse Club is a 
Non Profit 501 (c)(5) Organization

Become An Evergreen Miniature Horse Club Sponsor
Acknowledging Our Club Volunteers!
Acknowledging Our Club Volunteers!

Besides the financial contributors to our Club, we also cannot survive without the gracious support of time and effort of our volunteers!   

Lisa Pichler - President/ Shows
Brett Martin - Vice President/ Shows
Judy Cates - Secretary/Newsletter/Shows
Mary Ann Fowler - Treasurer

Shyrle & Gregg Swartz - Center Ring/Hospitality/Shows
Gwen & Sarah Rinkle - Past President/ Gait/Shows
Judy Oliver Barn Manager 


We appreciation your support no matter what 
size of contribution!
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Our 2016 List of Sponsors!
Thank You!

♦ Margot Cahill - Star Valley Farm
10 Championship Classes  

♦  Peter & Mickey Lufgren  - Grass Mountain Farm
Carriage Driving Class

♦  Polly & Paul Hyde - Hyde Away Ranch
                             2 Championship Classes

♦ Mary Wood - Woodberry Farms
                          Where Needed 

♦  Mary Ann Fowler - Bar None Miniature Horses             
                 AMHR Gelding Class /AMHR Foal Class

♦  Judy Oliver - Just A Windyhill Miniature Horses
                            Driving Class

♦  Judy Cates -  Mini Appy Acres  
                    Classic Obstacle in Hand Class

We appreciation your support no matter what 
size of contribution!
Come Join Our List for 2017 Sponsors!
We Appreciate Your Support!
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